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Al Sigl Community of Agencies

Lou Langie, Jr., has been an active Al Sigl volunteer for over 30 years, after being invited for a tour by colleagues in the early 1980s. “I still remember that tour,” he recalls, “Once I saw the wonderful work the agencies were doing and the help that people received, I was very impressed. You could see how the agencies were working together to best meet the needs of the community. It was clear that this was an organization that I wanted to support.” Following the example of those who first invited him to get involved, Lou has asked colleagues and friends to volunteer in support of Al Sigl’s collaborative mission. Several have gone on to serve in Board leadership roles. Lou’s daughter, Roberta Van Winkle, currently volunteers on the Board of Governors. “I encouraged others to volunteer, especially young people, because I felt that, of all the organizations I knew in the community, the Al Sigl agencies were impacting more people that needed help,” he recalls. As a parent, he encouraged his children to also consider creating a life of service to others. “I actually started volunteering for Al Sigl back when I was in sixth grade,” remembers Lou’s daughter, Roberta. “When I returned to Rochester after college, I was looking for one or two nonprofit organizations to support. Al Sigl was one that I chose. The way the collaboration is structured is so unique. By providing real estate and supports to the agencies that share space on Al Sigl’s campuses, the agencies can focus more clearly on the needs of the people they serve.” This year, our Member Agencies and the 55,000 people they serve have faced another year of incredible challenges. With so much uncertainty, more and more people are turning to Al Sigl Member Agencies for help and support. We hope you will join Lou and Roberta in making a gift in support of our work together. Your gift today will help children and adults of all abilities lead more independent lives. For Lou, the reason is simple, ”When you think of giving, you have to think of Al Sigl.” OUR MEMBER AGENCIES - CP Rochester - Empowering People's Independence (EPI) - Medical Motor Service - National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Upstate New York - Rochester Hearing & Speech Center - Rochester Rehabilitation - Starbridge THANK YOU for supporting our work together!

We focus on: Human Services

Where we are: Monroe

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Honoring Al Sigl's mission of Achieving More Together

In recognition of our collaborative mission, an anonymous donor will match the first $1,000 in ROCtheDay donations on November 30th.


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