Amiko Learning Center Outdoor Education

Amiko is a learning center that provides courses to people 6-12 years old, outside, Monday-Friday, from 9:00am-4:00pm. Amiko encourages enrollment by people with diverse perspectives, backgrounds, experiences, and beliefs to foster the development of our rich community of learners. Amiko's mission is to support young people to build knowledge in personally meaningful and collaborative ways so they can understand the complexity of our world to make informed decisions and generate innovative ideas while acting with empathy for others. Courses are developed to engage young people's curiosity and knowledge of the environment, as we integrate outdoor applications of diverse disciplines into our course activities. Our Core Values: • Collaboration and Autonomy: We work together and make choices about what and how we learn, so the knowledge we build is personally meaningful. • Responsibility and Goals: We develop our personal responsibility and persistence to plan and achieve challenging goals, with accountability to ourselves and our community. • Evidence and Sharing: We create evidence of our learning in a variety of ways, including written and photographic, to enhance our learning process, facilitate reflection, and to share with others. • Relationships and Empathy: Our collaborative community, built from diverse perspectives, strengthens our learning experiences and helps us to develop empathetic understanding. Our Approach: The learning center is guided by learning theories that support people to have empowering learning experiences by promoting autonomy and collaboration. We believe that people construct knowledge in social settings where all members are valued. Instead of grades, educators facilitate assessment by providing and encouraging specific and helpful feedback from self-reflection, peers, other educators, and community members. We believe in documenting our learning by creating artifacts that can be shared with others, acting as valuable contributors to our world. Enrollees are supported to align their learning activities to their longer-term goals. Courses are designed to be relevant by creating connections beyond our courses and honoring engagement as the driving force behind learning.

We focus on: Education, The Environment

Where we are: Monroe

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