125 Kings Highway South

Rochester, NY 14617

Bishop Kearney High School | A Golisano Education Partner

Bishop Kearney - a Golisano Education Partner is a private, Roman Catholic, co-educational school in Irondequoit. We are dedicated to providing an environment with high academic expectations and a strong sense of Catholic community. Bishop Kearney offers educational opportunities for students in grades 6-12. Our students come from 18 different Monroe County school districts, 17 different states and more than a dozen foreign countries; Bishop Kearney is the most geographically, religiously, socioeconomically and ethnically diverse school in Monroe County. More than 70% of our students receive financial aid. Included in our student population is a significant number of students from the City of Rochester. Many of those students live at or below the poverty line, and do not have regular access to fresh, nutrient rich foods as the cost is prohibitive for these families. Research has proven that malnutrition significantly increases susceptibility to illness and disease, which greatly effects the students’ ability to attend and keep up with their education. Additionally, malnutrition has enormous negative effects on day to day learning and the overall education process. Students who are not eating healthy meals are not able to perform at as high of a level as students who are; hungry students do not have the energy to participate in physical activity and lack focus in the classroom. WHY WE NEED YOUR HELP: At Bishop Kearney, we refuse to let any student go hungry. Most schools are able to provide a robust free/reduced lunch program because they receive government reimbursement for the cost of providing these meals; as a parochial school, we have been unable to participate in that program. We provide these students with nutritious, well-balanced, healthy lunches every day out of our own budget. No matter how big or how small, every single gift helps to provide these students with a nutritious and substantive lunch during the school day. And the opportunity to have at least one healthy, nutrient rich meal five days a week has an enormous impact on these young lives. THANK YOU FOR YOUR INVESTMENT IN THEIR FUTURE AND OURS!

We focus on: Education, Religion

Where we are: Livingston, Monroe, Ontario, Wayne

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