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Hope Hall School

Hope Hall is a private, non-sectarian, not-for-profit school for students in grades 2-12 who experience frustration in traditional school settings. Students at Hope Hall have neurological disorders and/or medical conditions including central auditory processing disorder, ADD/ADHD, some form of autism, anxiety, or simply a low average IQ. Hope Hall serves approximately 150 students each year from 19 school districts in the Greater Rochester area. 85% of our students live at or below the poverty level and all of them have significant learning challenges. Despite these statistics, Hope Hall has a 100% graduation rate. Hope Hall is excited to ROC the Day for Hope. Our goal for this year’s campaign is to raise $5,000 to support the Woodworking Skilled Trades component of our Career Development and Occupational Studies program. A cornerstone of Hope Hall’s multi-faceted Career Development program, woodworking students learn how to use machinery to cut, sand, and finish wood. They also learn valuable production skills and incorporate measuring and applied math skills. Furthermore, students acquire valuable soft skills needed to function as a team member in the workplace. For more information about the program, visit: http://hopehall.org/student-life/woodworking-program/. Twenty-four years ago, Hope Hall opened its doors to provide students who learn differently a chance to achieve academic success. Since then, we have helped change the lives of our students by helping each one of them reach their personal and academic goals. As of October 2018, 146 students attend Hope Hall. The Hope Hall student body is a culturally diverse population. Based on February 2017 enrollment, the student body is comprised of 63% male and 37% female. Ethnically our students are 54% white, 31% black, 8% Hispanic or Latino, 4% Asian, and 3% multi-racial. Hope Hall’s unique program, called Mastery in Learning©, was written and copyrighted by Sr. Diana Dolce, S.S.J. The Mastery in Learning© approach teaches the full New York State curriculum in a small class setting (elementary – 12 students per class; high school – 15 students per class), at a slower pace, using multi-sensory teaching strategies. Specifically, the program: • Provides an inclusive, supportive, nurturing environment that develops a strong sense of belonging to a Community of Learners. • Focuses on moral and character development. • Develops professional students and strong community contributors. • Offers Art, Music, Foreign Language, Career Development and Occupational Studies, Family and Support Services, and Sports. • Conducts a Summer Program (July and August). Before coming to Hope Hall, our students were considered incapable of learning. They endured frustration and anger because their learning needs were not being met in a traditional classroom setting. The students, needless to say, felt hopeless. They felt no one understood their needs. Because of all of these feelings, their esteem and confidence were almost non-existent. Hope Hall changed all of that for our students. We helped them to believe in themselves and we supported their unique learning needs, helping them to move from "I Can't" to "I Can." Hope Hall's core values are: Honesty and Integrity, Compassion, Courage, Service to Others, Cooperation and Collaboration, Character Development, and High Moral and Ethical Standards. Since 1995, better than 90% of our eighth and ninth graders have graduated high school and many have gone on to two and four year colleges and are employed. The first high school class graduated in June 2012; 100% college and/or career-ready 100% earned Regents credits; five of the eight graduated with full Regents diplomas; and seven of the eight graduates are currently enrolled in post-secondary education institutions. The second graduating class of ten students (June 2013) was 100% prepared for college and/or careers. Two of the ten students earned full Regents diplomas. The other eight earned local diplomas. The third senior class of seventeen students graduated in June 2014. One of those students earned a New York State (NYS) Regents Scholarship. All of the students in Hope Hall's graduating senior classes complete 40 hours or more of community service.

We focus on: Education

Where we are: Genesee, Livingston, Monroe, Ontario, Wayne

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