Legacy Makers Wealth Initiative

The Legacy Makers Youth Financial Empowerment Program partners with high schools, youth agencies and the faith-based community within Monroe County and offers students the opportunity to learn about personal finances and building wealth through hands on trainings. These trainings include opening and managing their own bank accounts, financial empowerment, life and decisions making skills, along with the opportunity to research career paths that will increase their capacity to build wealth and make informed financial decisions. Legacy Makers offers a financial empowerment training platform that includes Banking Empowerment (opening and managing a bank account), Financial Empowerment (savings, deposits, budgeting, expenses, debt, and credit score), and Wealth Building Empowerment (Insurance, Investments, home ownership, retirement: 401k, Roth IRA, etc.). LM offers other trainings opportunities in collaboration with partnering organizations that provides TV and Radio production training, gaming, coding, etc. Youth trainings are held during the summer months and during the school year in partnership with School Administrators. The yearly target is 100 - 200 youth participants, much like our adult financial training. The Youth training has a built-in accountability metrics, which will allow students to earn a weekly stipend based on class participation, attendance and completion of program. Students will be required to open and manage their own bank accounts while receiving financial tools and resources to make informed decisions about money management, careers, investments, and entrepreneurship at an early age. Legacy Makers Financial Empowerment and Wealth Building Training is designed to educate Blacks and other minorities in establishing financial wellness. Its programs can play an integral role in the economic recovery and sustainability plan for disenfranchised urban communities. By making LM Financial Empowerment & Wealth Building Training available to urban populations of Black adults and youth in poverty, LM is positioned to change the financial trajectory for future generations. LM believes that we have the ability to provide the necessary tools and training to put individuals and families on the path to financial wellness. By providing financial training at a young age, families are better positioned to begin breaking cycles of poverty and creating generational wealth that will allow them to leave a legacy. LM Trainers/Coaches/Mentors are entrepreneurs and business owners in their individual discipline with successful track records. LM on-going partnerships with community organizations, businesses, and the faith-based community, uniquely positions Legacy Makers to reach multiple generations, which is paramount in breaking generational cycles of poverty. LM has a goal to help create personal, generational, and collective wealth. LM is intentional about creating Legacy Makers.

We focus on: Community Benefit and Economic Development, Education

Where we are: Monroe

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