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Suite 6
Rochester, NY 14610

Lower Falls Foundation

The Lower Falls Foundation was founded in 2016 to promote the region surrounding the Lower Falls in Rochester, NY. Since the organization’s inception, board members and volunteers have organized events to preserve the natural environment and educate others on the historical significance of the falls. The LFF has hosted 3 park maintenance days bringing in local college students and volunteers. Board members have planned and executed 8 historical walking tours educating over 75 adults. In collaboration with local teachers, the LFF has also hosted 8 school groups for field trips. With your help, we want to improve signage with the Lower Falls Park in the City of Rochester. Currently, the signs in the park are covered in graffiti--unreadable to visitors. Without the signage, school groups, hikers, or visitors are not able to learn the historical significance of the falls. Rochester history is forgotten because these placards are no longer maintained. Replacing the signs alone would likely cost thousands of dollars. However, the Lower Falls Foundation would like to do so much more. With you as our partner, we want work with local historians to update the signs historical narrative to include the untold stories of marginalized people whose lives were influenced by the falls followed by their displacement. In an effort to show the whole history of Rochester, the LFF wants to include Native American, early settlers, abolitionist and industrial history in the signage. Your support today will help the LFF begin the planning stages of building signs in the park and fund other projects for the organization. Can we count on you? ------- Our Mission: The Lower Falls Foundation is growing the national presence of Rochester‘s Lower Falls Region by empowering our community neighbors, fostering pride in the natural landscape, and bridging the narrative between celebrating local history and telling the untold story of structural inequality.

We focus on: Community Benefit and Economic Development, The Environment

Where we are: Monroe

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