608 Clinton Ave S.

Rochester, NY 14620

Medical Motor Service

We provide and arrange more than 541,000 trips per year serving more than 9,500 residents of Rochester and Monroe County who are disabled and/or unable to use traditional transit services. We offer a wide array of safe, accessible and affordable transportation solutions including: medical car services, shopping shuttles, senior center and elder care services and individualized contract services. As the only non-profit agency with this sole focus, Medical Motor Service plays an important role in the everyday lives of many people throughout Monroe County. Medical Motor Service's network provides invaluable transportation solutions for individuals in need, and we connect care professionals throughout Monroe County. All our efforts are designed to sustain a healthy community in and around Rochester. As a non-profit community organization, Medical Motor Service relies heavily on the financial contributions and volunteer assistance from members of the public, like you. You can help Medical Motor Service ensure that its important work continues to support elderly individuals and those with disabilities and special needs through a donation on 11.28.17

We focus on: Human Services

Where we are: Monroe

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