P.O. Box 22661

Rochester, NY 14692

Naiades Oncology Rowing, Inc.

The Naiades Oncology Rowing program is committed to serving the physical and emotional needs of cancer survivors. Through our shared rowing experience, we find a means to maintain wellness for our bodies, and courage and determination for our spirit. We find healing on the water through the power of our commitment, and we hope to provide inspiration to all of those who face the challenges of cancer. We currently support survivors who have faced cancer, or are currently in treatment. We provide physical conditioning, rehabilitation, education, and camaraderie. Our passion for rowing stems from the inherent challenges and benefits of the sport. Physically Mentally Socially, with team affiliation Practically, stretching our own will to succeed Our membership is comprised of cancer survivors, the majority of whom had never rowed before. Many started after diagnosis or treatment. We are guided by camaraderie, driven to focus on something challenging, and thrives on supporting each other. Our program is open to include women and men - no prior rowing experience required. Our 2018 goals include expansion of financial support to program participants who can benefit from the sport but are financially burdened by their treatments. We provide equipment and a safe environment to learn this great, lifelong sport and aspire to grow our rower base significantly in 2018. Our program is run by volunteers with very little overhead.

We focus on: Health, Human Services

Where we are: Monroe, Ontario

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