Webster Arboretum

An arboretum is a "place where many kinds of trees and shrubs are grown for exhibition and study." The Webster Arboretum At Kent Park on Schlegel Road breathes life into this definition as a planned community park where people can explore and learn about nature. The 40 acre site dedicated in 1990 is designed to include leisure, educational and cultural activities in a natural setting. The founding goal was "to create a park-like setting dedicated to quiet reflection, beauty, sight, smells and sounds of nature." From a leisurely stroll to a jog, from throwing a frisbee to playing catch, from reading to catching up with friends, the Arboretum has evolved into a multi- purpose park. The Arboretum features a National Daylily Display garden, an arborvitae maze, the Harrison Herb garden, two dwarf conifer beds, oak and lilac collections and two perennial gardens. Benches overlooking the pond and feeder stream offer quiet places to enjoy the birds drawn to water. Gazebos and a covered bridge provide shelter during any sudden rainfall. The arched Manning Bridge provides a focal point for picturesque photographs. If you want to landscape your yard and don't know where to start, the Arboretum provides examples of trees, shrubs and plants that can be found at local nurseries. If you are interested in birdwatching, native plant identification or just open to the surprises that nature can bestow, the north portion of the Arboretum features a marked trail through the wooded, wild section of the park. Those trees will lead to the Walk of Giants, an area newly planted with small trees that will become huge trees. The ongoing success of the Webster Arboretum requires the participation and generosity of the whole community. The not-for- profit Association fosters partnerships for the care and maintenance of several gardens and for the general upkeep of the park. Because of the loving care of volunteers, the Arboretum remains a favorite place for weddings, celebrations, parties and meetings. Visit us free of charge any day of the week. We are open 365 days dawn to dusk. Check us out and breathe deeply the beauty.

We focus on: The Environment, Education

Where we are: Monroe, Wayne

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