340 Arnett Blvd

Rochester, NY 14619

His Branches, Inc.

His Branches, Inc. was formed as a 501(c) 3 not-for-profit community service organization in 1978 when a group of Christians under the leadership of Dr. William Morehouse opened a prayer room, a small medical office, and a teen coffeehouse on Arnett Boulevard in the heart of Rochester’s 19th Ward. Today His Branches is comprised of three branches: His Branches Health, a primary care community health center reaching out to those most in need, with two sites: Grace Family Medicine in Rochester’s 19th Ward, and Joy Family Medicine in the Beechwood neighborhood. We specialize in family medicine, pediatrics, OB care, women’s health, adult and geriatric care, diabetes education, acute and chronic disease management. In our most recent year, we served about 2,300 patients through about 7,000 patient encounters. His Branches Wellness, services that enrich and facilitate community health and well-being. These services include lay counseling and health education programs for those who tend to be at risk for unplanned pregnancies, operating under the name Embracing Options; informational outreach programs that raise awareness about the value of a proactive approach to health management and overall wellness. His Branches Community is active in several community collaborative partnerships focused on neighborhood revitalization. In the 19th Ward neighborhood, we sponsor the Arnett Block Association to improve safety and develop a greater sense of community. In the Beechwood neighborhood, we collaborate with Connected Communities, the Rochester Monroe Anti-Poverty Initiative, 441 Ministries, and the Gerhardt Neighborhood Outreach Center where Joy Family Medicine is located. These neighborhood initiatives foster a greater sense of belonging, personal investment, and hope. On a broader community-wide basis, we are involved in a number of peacemaking activities with like-minded citizens by participating in the creation of a compelling anti-gun violence video, The Front Row, and its sequel, Creating Hope. In partnership with the Rochester Police, we have been a site for a successful gun buyback program. His Branches is governed by a board of directors that is proud to be representative of the population served. Its composition of 40% white and 60% nonwhite mirrors our patient panel demographics of 39% white and 61% nonwhite. Board members passionately contribute their time, treasure, and talent to activities of all three branches.

We focus on: Health, Human Services

Where we are: Monroe

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